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The Elephant in Our Pockets

By Julia Rae Maldonado, Company of Actors Be it Puritans or the Plague, the theatre always seems to be under threat. I’ve been thinking a lot about one of Today’s dangers – a highly insidious foe which attacks the artist’s very ability to Dream. (You may even have one in your hand right now.) Certainly, it’s important to keep abreast of current events, sure. It’s probably important to answer that e-mail. Immediately. That cat is doing what? I better just […]

Let’s Go With this “Season of Giving” Thing…

By Rachel Caplan, Special Events Manager Outside of acting, I’ve been bartending for about a year now. Sure, I’ve  learned to make a killer margarita, but I don’t think that’s why all of my regulars continue to visit during my shifts. I genuinely like hanging out with them, listening to their stories and dreams and concerns, and throwing in my two cents over a pint. Our goodbyes have grown from smiles and waves to high fives and hugs. It’s just like my own personal “Cheers.” […]

The Best Pieces of Advice I’ve Been Given

By Emily Verla, Company of Actors / Roudtable Co-Chair I want to be clear from the beginning that I did not take the majority of these pearls to heart the first time they were uttered to me. Usually I had to bash into them (to an almost concussive level) before admitting that these wise words were the best course of action. Starting with something my Dad began saying to me in the 6th grade: “Lean into what you’re good at, […]

Your Flickering Flame

By Ben Dawson, Company of Actors Let’s discuss fire, shall we? A furious blaze begins with a simple spark. The spark ignites the fuel, and a small flame bursts into life. As the fledgling flame consumes more fuel, the fire grows, and the heat intensifies to an endless limit. Your passion parallels this dimly lit notion. At one point in your experiential existence, a spark clicked awake in your heart. With more desire, more experience, and more understanding; you fueled […]

How I Learned to Deal with Worrying and Avoid the Bomb

By Alice Qin, Director of Social Media I heard something fantastic the other day – “Treat worry like a heckler, not a mugger.” It’s an interesting distinction that frames all the things that stop us in our tracks, into a trajectory that allows us to move forward. It being the end of summer, and the spirit of Back-To-School is all around us (in forms of office supply sales), and being based in a city like New York; this mindset feels […]

Stage Combat Enhances Your Acting

WRITTEN BY THEATRE EAST COMPANY MEMBER ALEXANDER REED I’ve spent the last five years learning and teaching Stage Combat alongside one of the top combat instructors in the country. I was very fortunate to get involved straight out of acting school and although I have never been crazy about teaching, only recently I realized how much this experience has enhanced my acting as well as my whole creative being. Where some people would take this skill for granted I have […]

An Artist On Hold

WRITTEN BY COMPANY MEMBER KELSEY SHEPPARDI spent the past week fully immersed in the world of tap dance. I was offered a job as an assistant registrar for the New York City Tap Festival several months ago and agreed to take the position out of a unique combination of love and financial necessity. I entered the week expecting to enjoy myself. I also expected not to have time to go through my usual actor motions: submitting for auditions, waiting on […]

My Team

WRITTEN BY ASSOCIATE COMPANY MEMBER MISCHA IPPBefore I begin this exploration of team, I want to acknowledge Maya Angelou. I write this on her day of passing and her poem “Still I Rise” resonates through my mind. I am truly grateful for what she gave this world. I have come to understand the profound importance ‘my team’ has both personally and professionally in my life. I am primarily an actor and producer and the team of people that I surround […]