Raymond duTremblay

Ray duTremblay has a broad range of knowledge in network technology, multi-media systems (AV), project management and future technology trends.  His early years in video production provided Ray with practical experience with production and technical facility requirements.  His is an expert in analyzing technical requirements, accomplishing system design, managing projects, and communicating with end users.

In the mid 1970s Ray formed Tele-Video Systems, a small studio production company based in Columbus, Ohio.  Tele-Video Systems produced some of the first music videos (for the Ohio Express), corporate information and training tapes, and some content for the first interactive cable system, “Warner Qube” ( http://www.media-visions.com/itv-qube.html ).  Ray’s career in the technology industry began at the Financial Systems Division of Union Bank in Los Angeles. He was a key member of the team responsible for developing software used to predict interest rate changes for “rate-cap” insurance and independently developed a foreign exchange customer database program used to track foreign exchange trades.  In 1984, two senior officers at Union Bank formed a trading floor design and technology consulting firm, Interport Financial.  Ray became Interport’s first employee and eventually acquired co-ownership of Interport in 1989.  Interport was acquired by Shen, Milsom & Wilke and Ray subsequently joined WSP Parsons Brinkerhoff as a Vice President of the Buildings Technology Systems division.

Ray has provided technology and audiovisual designs for MOMA, the American Museum of the Moving Image (Queens, NY), interactive kiosks for Brookfield Place (World Financial Center), LED video walls for Monster.com HQ and many more.  Ray has also designed structured cabling plants to provide for the convergence of building management systems, security systems, environmental alarms and office networks.

Ray is considered an expert as a predictor of technology directions.  He has authored White Papers for Microsoft and for Compaq Financial Services on “The Future of Trading Technology” and regularly lectures on wireless and cellular technology design.

Education: Kent State University and Los Angeles Community College